Place Entry 1

Upon given the topic ‘place’ for a project, I had some difficulties in choosing what kind of place I would be comfortable doing. I thought of using Hong Kong as a city or my secondary school since they are a large part of my identity and who I am. Though I had the impression that my place should be somewhere consistent and somewhere you go to when feel a specific emotion.  I was strangely compelled to do my room and thought it would be easier for me to study my room thoroughly due to convenience, to understand what that strange sense of attraction I have to my room. It is as though I had to uncover something or unveil something about myself, so I decided to treat this project as a way to help me grasp what my room as a “place” really means to me.

I never had a place that had a meaning to be honest since I have moved 6 times in my lifetime. Taking this project to heart could probably benefit me emotionally. One’s room should be a haven and a place to hide, especially when I often need to hide from the harsh reality that is my lonely existence in this world inevitable of death. However, there is a certain numbing feeling given by my room that really connect to me as a person and even overpowers my identity as a Hong Konger or my precious secondary school memories, as if it craves my attention. I feel most obligated to direct the word ‘place’ to it so that I can get closure and do it justice.