Place Entry 7 - Wave idea inspired by Pia Fries


I was introduced to Pia Fries the artist by my teacher who said that her style might have a good influence on my work. I researched about the Swiss painter and delved into a whole new world of art. She creates these sculpture-like paintings by carving, scraping, reapplying, painting etc. to create different identities in her paintings. She emphasises on the physical materiality and forming surface structures that involves fluidity. In one of many interviews, she mentioned that she likes heterogeneous paintings. Heterogenous, meaning the involvement of all the different gestures or different parts on a plate. ‘It’s like an embodiment of energy,’ she said. I love this woman already. I love how she can visualise energy and encapsulate it with grace and style. This form of energy was exactly what I was feeling in my room. The heterogeneous factor helps give variation to a piece and gives it life. It gave me an idea to include the energy of when I’m upset and when I’m calm into my artwork. The contrast of it might be helpful.