Place Entry 6 - Comfort idea – Water

Before doing anything, I had to do some research on water. By observation, water is free-formed and easy to manipulate/ react to impact, creating motion and movement. This gives it life almost which I have mentioned my room being the same. The constant movement of a wave almost has a calming effect with my thoughts drifting away, leaving me lost in the moment.


I then did some research on famous artworks that include the subject of a body of water or a wave. Including The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai, Ocean by Vija Celmins, The Monk by the Sea by Caspar David Friedrich.  

My findings were incredible. All artists used water waves to inflict emotion/ faith. For example, Ocean was portrayed as sorrow or uneasiness. The Great Wave off Kanagawa even inspired other forms of art, namely the orchestral composition ‘The Sea’ by La Mer. The energy given off by the water can represent people’s emotions. This is exactly how I feel when I am alone in my room. When I am calm, the atmosphere of my room remains calm. When something happens that causes my anxiety to increase, the atmosphere rises followingly. It even seems like my emotions amplify in my room, like a wave that reacts violently when it encounters a cliff or an iceberg. Everything intensifies. Waves and my room trigger similar ways of feeling emotions, like they are both embracing my emotions both figuratively and literally. The air in my room engulfs me and letting me indulge in my own thoughts.



With this direction, I wanted to create my own wave to see how it matches up with the personality of my room. I used flex paste and shaped it into a wave vortex sort of thing with a ruler to see how goes. It still felt a bit off since I personally thought it didn’t look nice and the concrete-like substance wasn’t fooling anyone. I wanted it to look more like water or at least give off a nice flowy feel to show the comfort provided by my room and how my emotions are cared for/ amplified exclusively in my room in the form of a continuous wave. To be honest I was a bit frustrated. Luckily, I was enough to be given some guidance after my mid-term presentation, which turned out to be a big turning point.