Place Entry 5 - Breakthrough (water and current)


After being stuck in a rut, my trip to Ocean Park gave me a breakthrough. In one of the aquariums, I was fascinated by the large fish tanks full of fish. It is as if I could see the water’s current with the school of fish swimming in one direction. I felt very at peace that is somewhat very familiar. It is at that moment that I realised that my room gives off the same calming feeling.

Excited about my recent findings, I proceeded to address the similarities between the aquarium and my room:

  • They usually are in a one directional flow/ movement

  • Both enclosed space (what happens inside, remains inside)

  • Both capable of extracting emotion/ being an emotional place (my room being the only place that can make me feel relaxed enough to unleash deep sorrow)

  • They both made me feel like I belong there, a strange homely feeling

  • Easy to be left with my thoughts, isolating myself from reality, like a time warp

After finding so many similarities, I felt confident that water is a good direction to develop more. By connecting comfort and water, the comfort idea was formed.