Place Entry 4 - Adapting the wind current idea


­I mentioned that my air-con is always on. It is special since it gives my room a gentle humming sound and sort of gives subtle motions though wind to my room. I thought of a way to document this through photographs. I idlily stuck strips of paper and some yarn onto the vents of my air-con. I took hundreds of photos and tried to see if I feel anything or if I can map something out, not knowing what I was doing and thought it was kind of weird. I looked at it, whilst feeling the cold breeze. ‘Isn’t this constant wind motion similar to being hugged or embraced?’ I though. Like the air was wrapped around me, having a presence as if the whole chunk of air is the physical/ emotional entity of my room. As abstract as it is, I unknowingly drew it out a couple of weeks ago, meaning that there is a certain importance of it to my work. It was definitely how I viewed my room to have such a lively presence with the help of my air-conditioner.

However, I got stuck again not knowing how I could explain why it has such significant or identify how I came to that conclusion. This remained for a few days.