Place Entry 13 - Reflection

I originally wanted to make a big splash, but the flex paste was hard to shape it to a long, tall splash since they would sort of deflate and droop down. It would take weeks for me to build it up bit by bit and let it dry every time. The thin resin did not look too good being the shard-like splash. I might have to rethink it next time. Maybe taking the time to shape it with flex paste is more worth it.

My artwork also looked more like a beach to some with the gold acrylic, maybe I should have added a bit more wave to the mellow part of it. The artwork’s minimal use of colours is not visible through the camera lens, and can only be seen in close-up. I should use a bit more colours to make them more prominent next time.

I mentioned that I wanted this journey to be beneficial to me emotionally, and it really did help me. When I was handling the resin and pouring it onto the canvas, it was hard to balance the canvas to get and equal spread of resin onto it. Being frustrated at the difficulties I faced doing my artwork made me feel frustrated at the subject of the problem – my family. Why can’t I do this or what am I doing wrong etc. Though I still managed to pull through. Reapplying the resin again and again forced me to think about how I can change my mindset try by try and be more than just a negative nagging person. Putting myself back into my past made me feel upset, but it also made me glad that I am about to face it. I feel stronger as a person and gaining the ability to shape out my complex problems, facing them head first. I now understand the nature of my place and feel grateful for having it. For this I am very thankful.