Place Entry 12 - Process

Overall structure:

Ø  Solid concrete-like wave (I was suggested to use it to represent the hard crash of a wave that hurts when hit by it, I liked that idea very much)

Ø  Resin for water (Poured layer by layer)


I started to tape my canvas in case the resin will spill out. I used a cement-like paste mixed with mod podge to make a hump for the rising part of the wave at the top. I used white acrylic to paint everything white to avoid the canvas texture from showing.

I didn’t know if it was going to work but I wanted some of the small sprouting waves to emerge slightly out of the resin that I was going to pour. Nonetheless, it helped me grasp the angle of my wave. I thought it would look nice if it was tilted. I then shaped the wave with flex paste and modelling paste.

Next, I added some colours and poured the resin I mixed. I couldn’t document much of the process since a lot of tools were use and everything was scattered. I worried that the corrosive substance might go everywhere. Somehow, the colours were too clear and started to look like a rainbow. The colourful appearance seemed foreign to me since my anxiety attacks and episodes were full of unknown negative emotions. Rage, dread, fear, devastation etc. are too hard to put into colour without it coming out as magical and colourful. So I poured another layer of resin and reapplied blue and black. I subtly left a bit of red and green beneath to show a tad bit of variety in negative emotions in the wrath part, to show the complexity in what I feel during my episodes.

I added some small white strokes to create rushing water effect, like a ripple. Not sure how I might turn out but that was what I felt like doing at the time.


After adding another layer and the darker colours, I tried using white and gold to create small and mellow wave forms. The gold really adds character to the energy.

I applied another layer of resin to serve as a final surface and darken the wrath part with a specialised colouring made for resin works. I pulled the tapes on the sides off and started to work on the color of the wave. I also used thin dried resin pieces to make shards of glass-like waves to make the whole work look fiercer, as if it is really to attack and engulf you.

After some finishing touches polishing the sides and wiping everything clean, my artwork is ready to be presented.