Secret Entry 8 - Stuck doing experiments

We then got some advice to show not tell, to find out why secrets are secrets or why people don’t understand some secrets. Our reaction was to rethink, and do experiments to see if it can symbolise the breaking of a secret.


1.       Thread in AB glue experiment

We tried to symbolise thread as secrets and tried to see if we can ‘dig into’ the secret by sealing the thread into AB glue first then scraping black acrylic paint off the thread to see if it stimulates any thought, since we were pretty much stuck with no ideas since we never funny develop any ideas and we never felt that any of them was good. The experiment was too obvious that was telling more than showing because I over-explained it.

2.       Cutting thread experiment

We were trying to cut the thread, which is just like the feeling of telling a secret.  And then we try to tie different coloured thread inside. When you’ve told a  secret and tried to speak out, the outcome may become different or the direction of your mindset will be different, like the direction of the thread after being cut.

3.       Tension of burning experiment

We also tried to burn the thread we’ve cut and we understand that secrets are like fire that almost has a mind of its own, and its hard to control it. However we still didn’t have a lead to go on because we didn’t know how to develop this idea.