Secret Entry 7 - Shock factor


We did may different ideas but we all want the shock factor. We want the audience to be shocked. No matter the ‘power of words’, study of power, raising awareness for acceptance to prevent hurting, we all want the audience to reflect on why we only see the issue when it is already late. Perhaps this question is a sign of hope? We stumbled across Gary Hill’s Incidence of Catastrophe (1987-1988) at the school library. We watched the video and was immediately stunned by the image of the naked body with nothing to hide. It kind of signifies a sort of death physically or mentally. And like a crime scene, there might be information left at the scene for the viewers to find as evidence, to understand what happened to the person left there naked. It is like a secret left for the audience to break, the power is the reflection. Or maybe the sight of human skin is very stimulating to anyone who views it. Artist Tetsuya Ishida’s work incorporates the image of human bodies into his works as well. Seeing the bodies contort and being put in different situations, we begin to think and reflect on the secrets hidden in social issues. We wanted to use the image of a body to hint at the severity of the issue and use the shock value to trigger change.