Secret Entry 6 - Study of power


Since it’s the power of speaking out, we tried writing secrets down. And we found that it kind of look like some garbled characters of a computer, lots of information is clumped together. It becomes confusing, chaos, messed up, a little depressing, but it looks a power, a power of words.


But we didn’t know what to do next, so we tried to see what can symbolize the ‘breaking’ of the secret in a physical narrative. We did some experiments on sticks, cling wrap and some string. By breaking it, tearing it, cutting it etc, we found that there is a tension as we break the secret. We noted that down until Chloe found a poem that kind of peaked our interest. The poem is written by Theodore Roethke, called In a dark time. We were attracted to the first line of the first stanza.

‘In a dark time, the eye begins to see’

We like the transition from darkness or a sense of nothingness to something as we try to digninto our secret more. Leaving people in their own world in the dark with their own secrets, they might be enlightened to be brave and strong after reflecting on self-worth and belief.


However, “being in the dark” is not a good idea. I think this idea is more ‘breaking in’ than speaking out, as it is about how we deal with our dark secret, we break into our mind and find the hope of our own, hence ‘our eyes begins to see’ However, not everyone can deal being left alone with their secrets. It needs the cooperation of the society to encourage self-enlightenment.