Secret Entry 4 - The secret of the oppressed

We were playing around with a light and a shadow and thought maybe secrets are shadows, until Yan thought we meant ‘trauma’ or ‘childhood fear’.  There are many rape cases, sexual harassments, and even victim blaming in our society. Most women or even men have experienced one or more of these issues and only some choose to speak up. This is kind of like the society’s secret hidden by those who do not have the power to change the statistics. They are oppressed. What if all of them speak up? The lifespan of the secret ends. Breaking the secret signifies courage to fight for ourselves and protects other people. This is inspired by Oprah’s ‘time’s up’ speech during the Golden Globe Awards. The secret evolves into a collective power. When it’s not a secret anymore, it will be a time when nobody even has to say, ‘me too’ again. Therefore, the secret of the oppressed and become a power.