Secret Entry 3 - Secret as a living energy

Edward Hopper’s  Office in a small city (1953)

Edward Hopper’s Office in a small city (1953)

Feeling as though we were going nowhere we went on artwork browsing randomly. We found Edward Hopper’s Office in a small city (1953) and it clicked, what if the secret was living and has its own space in our mind? What if it had a lifespan? People keep secrets for a long long time, some wait till they are ready to be told, some die with it and the secret becomes unknown. If many common secrets become untold, it’ll become a social problem and affect things culturally, changing how open people are to accept these issues. Or, what if secret has a will, a mind of its own? Our mind and the secret’s mind affect each other strongly, causing conflict or contradiction within a person. Similar to when someone wished to come out of the closet but our conscious mind is too fearful to do so. We put this idea aside to see if there are any other better ones.