Secret Entry 2 - The uniqueness of secrets

After looking at Secret Histories, we thought that the mood of the whole picture was interesting. How about the moods of secrets? The colour/ tone that represents secret really depends on the person. Mine might be dark red while Kit’s might be dark blue. Both blue but different nonetheless. Everyone is unique and maybe in our minds we all have different secret worlds. We came up with several reasons why we keep our secrets based on what our secret was. Including keeping secrets to conceal the ‘real’ you (wearing a façade to cater to everyone or to fulfill everyone’s needs), to protect others or ourselves due to shame or low self-esteem, to keep a normal distance with other people and the wicked who like to conceal dark secrets like a kink. Mine would be to protect others. And based on our secrets, we also came up with why we share our secrets. Such as for people to connect, through the web anonymously or in real lide to express your ideas freely or to get closer to other people, depending on who we tell our secret to might bring about the best comforting effect, as well as keeping each other’s secrets to build trust.


The feeling of keeping a secret may vary. For us, it feels lonely, unhappy, shameful, and terrifying. Mixing together the burden-like secret with some social pressure and the fear of being found out and the though of facing the consequences creates a very complex feeling. Like it has its own mass in our mind.