Secret Entry 14 - Reflection

This whole experience working with my groupmates has been extraordinary. Understanding and finding out thing together is much harder but much more rewarding than working alone. Making mistakes and learning during the process is truly a good way to learn.

But I still think we’ve got a lot to learn. Time management wise, we didn’t get to do any finishing touches or making our artwork more presentable at the end. Not to mention, we wasted more of the time doing experiments instead of actually developing ideas and finding a good narrative to use. This greatly affects how we do our art, it was a mistake that we couldn’t decide at the very beginning and that cost us our time. The final artwork was not the slighted presentable but at least our intentions were there and we tried to narrow down what we want.

I’ve also learned that asking questions is key to understanding how you’re doing during the working process or when you’re still figuring things out. We were pretty much stuck in a rut but we couldn’t pull ourselves together. We didn’t embrace any chances of asking questions and stuck to our own ideas. Asking questions and broadening our mindset by understanding what other people think and receiving criticism is key to improvement.

All in all, sharing ideas with each other and learning from our mistakes together is a very precious experience. I would gladly do this again, but next time, we’ll do it better.