Secret Entry 12 - Phosphenes & goosebumps

We were brainstorming again since we had no time left, and I was closing my eyes when I saw stars. They are actually phosphenes (left: Phosphene depiction by Peter Serebrovskyi). I closed my eyes and watched them move so nicely. They are like strips of star ribbons floating and evolving. I asked if the others see them and they do but different patterns since they are everchanging and unique to every person. That’s when it click when I felt a connection with this idea. I told the others that secrets are so unique to every person that we get fixated on them like the stars we see when we close our eyes. We’ve also researched that keeping secrets may lead us to have false realities or illusions. Such as we might think that we’re bad people but in reality we’re just normal. Or people who have been raped may feel physically dirty. People who are in the closet may feel like they are alone.

But we can’t just focus on the secret, we have to break the secret. We were complaining about the cold temperature in the room and some of us got goosebumps on our arm and we thought how about we try telling our secrets and to stimulate them? The best we was to get naked and tell our secrets to see if words can stimulate more. But it didn’t work. Then one of us suggested hugging, to bring a physical element to it. So a couple of us hugged and told our secret while closing our eyes watching the stars move. The results were astounding. There were a lot of goosebumps all up our arms. And some of us were so touched. They report that it was like everything went from starry to goosebumps all around. It was instant they said. We had to make an artwork out of that.