Secret Entry 10 - Our biggest mistake

We emphasis on the power to affect others like a ripple effect and Yan drew a draft of what she meant. It was the continuing and spreading like Melinda’s artworks that starts from a point and starts to go outwards. However, Yan’s experiment caused uneven lines. ‘I wanted to make pretty and uniformed lines’ she said. But we thought it looked visually beautiful. But the fact that she tried to correct her next move with her needle to try to cover up her messy lines is what makes it special. She went with the flow. Chloe also mentioned, “we would change our life decisions based on the emerging of secrets.” We tried to explain this phenomenon that we are all searching for our own perfection, but in real life having secrets is normal and a part of us. Maybe the act of sewing thread equals to our search for perfection in this worls and the messy lines are how we choose to hange things due to our secrets. Naïvely, we thought,

  • We all have our own view of perfection without needing to hide any secrets

  • When we originally hope our life to be normal with nothing to hide

  • The end result might be not as expected - this becomes our secret, our flaws we want to hide

  • But if we show it, it might be the better version of you, becoming power

So secrets are the flaws we think we have. Thinking it merged Melinda’s work with our cutting thread experment and how we can’t control outcomes like the tension of fire, we made a draft. Our plan was to make our own thread similar to our attempt at making rolls of thread, and try to work together to make an image to creat more of those patterns, turning the secret into our process and try to make it as hard to make as possible to try to hide our mistakes during the process.